Project Description

Viviane Williams Consultancy designs logo identity for the new, digital design technology company ‘Project Reality’.

VWC was approached by digital marketing specialist Sylvester Williams, to create a logo identity for his agency. The solutions-based agency focuses on digital marketing, branding, graphic design, and AI technology for a variety of sector organizations in the UK and overseas.

Viviane Williams Consultancy explored a variety of logo design directions with Mr. Williams. The Project Reality founder wanted to tell a clear story incorporating ‘bees’ into the narrative.

Bees connotes teamwork, collaboration, and building to either gather the honey or construct their hive. By people knowing the value and significance of the insects, this allowed the logo identity to be formed. 

The elegant typeface of the ‘P’ and ‘R’ offers a minimalist and futuristic element, combined with the warmth and togetherness of the hive being used as the dot at the end ties the visual aid wrapped up with the slogan below.

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